Superlative RM Releases Payment Video to Help Consumers

Superlative RM announces the release of our newest video in our consumer YouTube series, Superlative RM Offers Flexible Payment Options! Our latest video provides information about how to make a payment with Superlative RM.

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Improving the Customer Experience

“Superlative RM is a professional debt collection agency with a team of dedicated professionals who have always been committed to finding new ways to improve the consumer experience,” says President and CEO Jerry Terrill. “We want to help people understand more about us; that’s why we created our official Superlative RM YouTube channel through which we publish helpful consumer information such as our newest payments video. We also develop and publish helpful content through authoritative sources to help consumers resolve their debt and return to financial wellness. We encourage consumers to browse our website and use the many helpful tools we offer.”

Consumers Lead Digital Lives

Superlative RM recognizes that consumers lead increasingly digital lives and we want to provide each person with opportunities to learn more about us, access free financial resources, and learn more about how to make a payment in the format they prefer.

When consumers have questions or need to update account information, our team is available to help. Contact our team by calling 888-441-4544, emailing [email protected], or by using the simple online chat tool on our website.

Accessibility for Everyone

Since our completely redesigned website went live, we have continued to find ways to create a better consumer experience. As part of this, we offer a customizable website experience for site visitors through expanded accessibility options. Using the blue accessibility widget at the bottom left of the screen, users are able to customize settings according to their needs. Our accessibility options include accessibility profiles as well as available individual customizations that modify our site according to the specific needs of each individual. We encourage users to visit our website and try it for themselves.

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About Superlative RM

Founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Superlative RM is an account receivables management company that works for creditors and debt buyers recovering past due balances from consumers. Our nationally licensed collection agency works with consumers in all 50 states. We constantly strive to improve by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to optimize our customer service experience and bottom-line performance. Our main headquarters is in Elk Grove, CA and we have an additional office in Phoenix, AZ.