Resolving Your Account with Superlative RM

To help consumers through the difficult process of debt resolution, we have compiled a list of resources and tools. Click the links below to learn more.

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Make a Payment

Superlative RM offers consumers convenient and secure methods for making a payment. Visit our Payments page for more information about the options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers often have similar questions about working with our company or general financial literacy. We have put together a list of questions and answers to assist consumers with finding the answers they are looking for.

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Financial Education

This financial literacy resource provided by Receivables Management Association International offers a mix of tools, resources and information about important aspects of a consumer’s financial health. You can browse information by audience with options for children, young adults, students or others. Information is also available based on topics including credit & debit cards, savings & budgeting, credit scores and much more.

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Know My Debt

This resource is provided by ACA International and was created as a resource for consumers with questions about paying debts. ACA International believes that understanding the debt collection industry is the first step toward financial freedom. This website has answers to frequently asked questions and provides general guidance toward planning your financial future.

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My Money.GOV

This powerful online resource provided by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission contains helpful tools and information about consumer finance. MyMoney.Gov offers foundational information to help people understand the basics of money including earning, borrowing, saving & investing, spending and protecting. This tool also provides financial calculators like the “Education Loan Repayment Calculator” to help consumers understand the true costs of their financial decisions.

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Privacy Policy

We care about protecting consumer information. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

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