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Frequently Asked Questions2020-10-27T08:51:48-07:00
Who is Superlative RM?2021-04-28T08:57:31-07:00

Superlative RM is an account receivables management company that works for creditors to assist them with recovering past due balances from consumers. Our nationally licensed collection agency works with consumers in all 50 states. Our highly trained, professional agents treat consumers with dignity and respect. Call us and experience the Superlative Way!

Is Superlative RM a Scam / Is Superlative RM Legit?2021-04-28T08:58:14-07:00

Superlative RM is not a scam. We are a nationally licensed debt collection agency highly trained in FDCPA regulations. We are an account receivables management company authorized by creditors to recover account balances on their behalf. We are certified by the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI), members of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International),  and we hold all required licenses across the country.

Who does Superlative RM collect for?2021-10-02T15:12:00-07:00

Superlative RM collects for creditors from different industries including banks, credit unions, auto financing companies among many others. We represent organizations of all sizes ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to local small businesses.

How do I make a payment on my account?2021-04-28T08:59:44-07:00

We have options! We accept payments on accounts online through our secure payment portal (text link), over the phone with our customer care representatives by calling 888.441.4544 or by mailing payment to PO Box 967, Elk Grove, CA 95759.. Visit our Payments page to learn more about your options for making payments and resolving outstanding balances.

What is the phone number for Superlative RM?2020-10-27T08:45:06-07:00

The phone number for Superlative RM is 888.441.4544. Feel free to reach out to our customer care team on this toll-free number and we will be happy to assist you.

Does Superlative RM offer flexible payment options?2020-10-27T08:45:28-07:00

Yes. Our customer care representatives are highly trained to gather information that helps us offer you the most fair and realistic payment options. Your cooperation in this process is the key.

Why do I need to verify so much information to talk about my account?2021-04-28T09:02:22-07:00

We ask for this information to ensure we are speaking to the correct person. We are required to make sure that we do not disclose any information about your account to third parties. To comply with the law and to protect your privacy, we ask for the information needed to safeguard your account.

What happens after I payoff my account?2020-10-27T08:46:20-07:00

After you pay off your account, we will update the current account owner that the account is now closed and no longer owed.  They will update their records accordingly.  30 days after payment, we can provide a letter of satisfaction for your records.  If you need that letter sooner, simply ask! The customer care representative will email you a form to complete for same day processing.

Will Superlative RM update my credit reports after I pay?2020-10-27T08:46:39-07:00

No. Superlative RM does not furnish any data to the credit bureaus. For more information on credit reporting and credit repair, please visit and click the ‘Learn More’ link under ‘Financial Education’.

I paid off my account already, how do I get a letter saying that I have a zero balance?2020-10-27T08:47:08-07:00

Call and ask or email us a request to We can provide paid letters 30 days after payment.  If you need that letter sooner, we will email you a form to complete for same day processing.

Who can I contact if I have a complaint about the service I received?2020-10-27T08:47:30-07:00

We are truly sorry to hear that you did not receive the level of service our agents are expected to deliver. Please feel free to bring your concerns to the attention of our compliance department either by email at or by phone at 888.558.0692, option 2. These matters are taken seriously and will be reviewed by our Chief Compliance Officer.

Is Superlative RM hiring?2021-02-08T08:34:39-08:00

Yes. We are always seeking highly motivated, quality “A Players” to join our growing team. Please check out our Careers page for a link to Indeed to see a list of current openings.

What does it mean to be RMAI certified?2021-04-28T09:08:52-07:00

RMAI or Receivables Management Association International is an industry trade organization that has a certification program designed to demonstrate that organizations are complying with best practices for the credit and collections industry. To become certified, companies must attend educational sessions and be reviewed by a third party auditor where we must demonstrate our compliance with the certification standards.

What should I do if I cannot make my agreed or scheduled payments because of COVID-19?2020-10-27T08:49:23-07:00

Talk to us! We understand. Superlative RM is committed to working with you during this difficult and unusual time. Please call and speak to a customer care representative at 888-441-4544 or email us at to discuss options.

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