Keep Up with Superlative RM on our Social Platforms

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Superlative RM continually strives to use innovative and consumer-friendly technology channels to deliver information and engage in valuable communications. One of the ways we do this is through our official accounts on social media platforms. We invite consumers and clients alike to follow our accounts as we continue to grow and share our news!

Informative Videos on YouTube

Video is a high-demand media format, allowing a convenient and easily consumable method to gain information about any topic. Due to our desire to meet consumers where they are and provide clear information for clients, we have several YouTube videos available on our channel where consumers and clients can learn more about us. 

Videos include information about our company, how to make a payment, information about our online account management portal, and more to come. Check out the Superlative RM YouTube channel to watch the videos! Effective communication is a critical element of “The Superlative Way” and the “Wow Factor” that we strive to provide. Our wish for these videos is to further enhance the effectiveness of our communication with consumers and clients. 

Superlative RM on Facebook

Facebook is another line of communication we utilize for sharing company information. As consumers ourselves, we know that we generally like to learn more about any company we do business with by looking online. Our position in the business world is a necessary one, but we also understand that consumers don’t necessarily want to hear from any type of collection agency. Bearing this in mind, we strive to do business in a way that is respectful, responsible, friendly, and transparent to make the process as pleasant and positive as possible. 

Our social media channels are one way that we make ourselves known online to gain consumer trust and confidence through transparency and insight into our company. We make it a priority to share valuable information for consumers to improve their personal finances as well as news that provides more insight into our team. Just like many of the consumers we serve, we’re real people working hard in our personal and professional lives to continually improve. Follow Superlative RM on Facebook for a window into that journey. 

Professional Updates on LinkedIn

Superlative RM’s LinkedIn profile is the primary way we remain digitally engaged with our professional network and current or potential clients. Curious consumers are also welcome to follow us on LinkedIn. Here we share information about conference attendance, company news, charitable giving, financial education, and more. 

As believers in collaboration, high standards, and continual growth, we find that LinkedIn is a great channel for gaining insight and inspiration from industry leaders and colleagues. We’re active in multiple professional associations and we value the stream of association updates and the ongoing networking opportunities afforded through LinkedIn engagement. 

We invite consumers, the public, clients, partners, and fellow industry participants to join us on any of these social channels! 

About Superlative RM

Superlative RM is a nationally licensed account receivables management company that works with consumers in all 50 states to assist creditors and debt buyers with recovering past due balances. Founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Jerry Terrill, the Superlative RM team regularly undergoes development to improve consumer service and expand their core values of creating a wow factor, doing it right from A to Z and collaborating at every opportunity.