Frequently Asked Questions About Superlative RM

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Superlative RM is an accounts receivable management company that works for and assists creditors with recovering past due accounts. Our nationally licensed collection agency was founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and holds itself to a higher standard. Our expertly trained, professional agents treat consumers with dignity and respect. Superlative RM created our latest YouTube video to highlight The Superlative Way! Detailing all of our most frequently asked questions, this video dives into what makes our organization unique in the industry. 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Superlative RM has over a dozen FAQ questions answered on our website but we wanted to highlight the four most important FAQs that have come through our office. 

Is Superlative RM a Scam or Legit?

Superlative RM is not a scam. We are an accounts receivable management company authorized by creditors to recover account balances on their behalf. Superlative RM holds all required licenses across the country and upholds the highest standards. Superlative RM is a Certified Receivables Business by the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and a member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International)

Does Superlative RM Sue?

No, Superlative RM does not sue consumers. Superlative RM is a collection agency that works with consumers to amicably resolve past-due balances on behalf of creditors. We encourage consumers who wish to arrange a payment plan or submit a dispute regarding their account to contact us as soon as possible. In certain instances, when collection attempts are unsuccessful, creditors may sometimes pursue legal remedies. 

Who Does Superlative RM Collect For?

Superlative RM collects for creditors from different industries including banks, credit unions, auto financing companies, among many others. We represent organizations of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to local small businesses.

How Do I Make a Payment on my Account?

Superlative RM accepts payments on accounts online through Connect by Superlative RM™, our proprietary, state-of-the-art secure payment portal, over the phone with our customer care representatives by calling 888-441-4544, or by mailing payment to PO Box 967, Elk Grove, CA 95759. Visit our Payments page on our website to learn more about your options for making payments and resolving outstanding balances.

About Superlative RM

Superlative RM is a nationally licensed account receivables management company that works with consumers in all 50 states to assist creditors and debt buyers with recovering past due balances. Founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Jerry Terrill, the Superlative RM team regularly undergoes development to improve consumer service and expand their core values of creating a wow factor, doing it right from A to Z, and collaborating at every opportunity.